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Leadership from the Epistles

Leadership Themes from the Epistles


What are some of the overarching themes that pertain to church leadership from the Epistles and the resulting major concepts that God has given us?  What do we tend to miss? What are we to know, learn, and do?

We are called to learn and know the Truth and be on guard against false truths.  We are reminded as Christians to be faithful and prepare for the coming persecutions.  Be diligent to live out and guard God's true Truth!

There is Truth!  There is ABSOLUTE Truth.  God's Word-the Truth-remains unchanged and inerrant even when you may not feel it or when others proclaim otherwise.  

The Epistles were written to a Church under siege.  The siege was both internal and external with bitter conflicts and schemes from within the church and attacks from militant pagans and some hostile Jews.  Thus, the Apostles write to encourage how to cope with and prepare for the worst that would come-even more heinous persecutions. The encouragement is this:  Heed Christ as Lord, His Truth, and fight against anything that comes against this!  Be on guard and fight against heresies and false doctrines while being vigilant building faith and the Church.

The church was in a difficult place-surrounded by a Greek and pagan culture, they were having birthing and growing pains.  They were being negatively influenced and confused by the spectacle of cults and false religions that surrounded them.  They needed the Truth; they needed a Savior.  They could not just retreat inward or run away; they had to fight with faith and model the love of Jesus for those who did not understand or want it.  

This was written for the early Christians; this is written for us. Our Redeemer, Who is our living hope even when we are hurting! As a leader, we must point to Christ

Here are articles you can use for personal edification, training up of your church leaders or practical seminary curriculum on some of the main leadership calls that Christ gives us as leaders in His Church.  Use these tutorials to get into God's Word and get centered to be better for your spiritual health and your churches' health for God's glory.


The Call to Truth

How far is your church's reach with kindness and truth?

The Call of Wonder

Do you realize the magnitude and wonder, the incredible gift beyond measure that we have by our Lord's work and sacrifice?

The Call to be Empowered!

How is your church 'Filling?'


The Call to Preach

How faithful is your church to Christ's call and precepts?

The Call of the Gospel

What is the thesis statement of your life and church?

The Call to Love

What trivial matters does your church fight about?


The Call of Right Influence

What needs correcting in you and your church?

The Call to Grow

Where do you and your church need to be strengthened?

The Call to Faith

How is your faith and that of your churches?


The Call to Hear our Lord

Which of the seven is yours? What do you need to do about it?

The Call of Hope

How important is hope for you and your people?

The Call to be on the Straight Path

What gets your church off its path? What needs to be done to bring it back?


The Call to Continue

What will you do with this incredible opportunity of expanding the Gospel so others can know and grow in Christ?


More on this leadership theme here: 




This endeavor, by no means, is exhaustive or comprehensive; rather, after spending many years teaching through the Books of the Bible and conducting church leadership research, I distilled some key calls that we have forgotten.  It seems that many are unknown by the way most churches are managed.


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