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What is the Key to a Successful Fellowship?
It is the same that makes one person successful in life and another not, even though both have the same level of intelligence, education, and upbringing? The key is the ability to make connections as in friends! Networking relationships will move a person over the top as compared to the person who does not make friends well! The same as in a church, as this directly relates to building a healthy church fellowship. You have to model and teach your people how to make friends, if not you will have dysfunction, because most people are not very good at this!

Christianity is the easiest religion in the world, because it is the only religion in which God does everything; it is the hardest religion because it robs us completely of being autonomous. - Francis Schaeffer--The God Who is There

It is essential that we know that building healthy relationships is essential and vital and what our Church is here on earth is all about. First, developing and encouraging a personal relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord, teaching His precepts in an uncompromised Way and leading others to Him by our word and example through His Word, Example and Spirit.

What is the key to the good, effective witness of Andrew and Philip, or of anyone else? It is prayer and the willingness and ability to develop relationships. It boggles my mind how many Christians I know who have no significant...

Put Ons and Put Offs

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped. Philippians 2:5-6

Why is Friendship Important?

Friendship Lesson 1: Have you ever wondered why certain people have all the friends, while others--perhaps even you--seem to have few to none? Have you wondered why some people succeed in business and finance even though they seem to have no skills or abilities to contribute effectively to their profession?

Your Uniqueness

Friendship Lesson 2: Understanding and Developing Healthy Biblical Friendships. How is your friendships operated on the principle of love?

The Secret to Making Friendships

Friendship Lesson 3: Understanding and Developing Healthy Biblical Friendships. Friendship is defined throughout Scripture as the companionship and closeness we are to have with one another. It is a commitment to build...

The Importance of Self-Disclosure

Friendship Lesson 4: So, what is the key to getting out of the locked room at the shallow end of relationships?

Friendships Evolve

Friendship Lesson 5: Another thing to be aware of in relationships is that they are a life form that grows, evolves, and changes.

Can I Do Fellowship?

Friendship Lesson 6: Yes you can! You may think this friendship stuff is too much and say, hey, I cannot do that; I will be embarrassed! Perhaps you will, especially if you are not used to it, so take it slowly. Look at the...

This is from our recovery series and it is essential for any mature Christian more here: Recovery


A Biblical Perspective on COUNSELING ON SUICIDE for Caring for People Preventing the Tragedy and Grieving Its Aftermath

Friendship is the springboard to success, both in the business world and in the church.
It is what invites evangelism and what propels success in general. It will build intimacy in the bedroom of marriage, and create vision and harmony in the boardroom of business. It is the quintessential element in relationship building as it encompasses character and spiritual maturity, and puts into application what God is doing in our lives. It will keep the relationship alive and headed in a positive direction for the parent and the child, the coworkers (with one another as well as with the boss), the husband and the wife, the police and the community-even the government and the people. It puts love into action and the church into the community. The question we all have to ask ourselves is whether or not the character of friendship is working in us. It is my prayer we can work through these issues and become friend-builders together.
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