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Christian Leadership

We all are Called to Learn and Grow in Christ before we can Lead Others!

To manage a church effectively we must seriously take our lead from Scriptural principles and not from popular trends. Trend based leadership has been a primary emphasis over the past twenty plus years. In fact, it has been over emphasized as the quintessential aspect of being a pastor. This is not so! Necessary? Yes, but not by strong willed personalities or personal agendas over and against the Word. This role perhaps takes most of the leadership's and pastors' time, for which many are poorly trained and equipped. Leadership is not dependent on a particular personality trait, but on skills that can be learned, even when that spiritual gift or personality is lacking. This aspect can be delegated. Many leaders get their pride hurt and refuse to let go, but no one can do it all. As your church grows, so must the people grow in leadership, so no one person is running the entire show.

In the light of the structure. of the total universe; in the light of our calling to exhibit the existence and character of God between the ascension and the second coming; in the light of the terrible price of the cross, whereby all the present and future benefits of salvation were purchased on our behalf ˜ in the light of all this, the real sin of the Christian is not to possess his possessions, by faith. This is the real sin. But whatever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23b). The sin here is in not raising the empty hands of faith. - Francis Schaeffer

A basic description of leadership is the duty and call of the person who is in charge to take charge with courage and character, and to risk leading his/her people where they need to go and how they need to be led. It is a position that seeks vision, opportunities, and needs and then motivates others to get it done through the resources, talents, and time they can contribute.
One of the major points of our lives is the debt we owe to Christ; we should give back to Him and His work in us with gratitude as we lead His Church. Thus, any condescension to those under our care and guidance is an extreme assault both on the character of our Lord and on His instruction to us.
How to Develop your Walk with God. What does it mean to be a mature Christian leader? What are you willing to do about it?
Here are some Bible Studies to Learn Christian Leadership as our Lord has Modeled and Taught us

God Keeps His Promises!

Matthew 1:1-17, As Jesus comes in the world via His incarnation, His incarnation needs to come into us the leader. Christian leadership is all about operating in and by Christ, being His Hands and Feet with His precepts!

God is with Us

Matthew 1: 18-25, Immanuel God is with Us! Thus, Christ was birthed in history; by so doing, He must also be birthed into you and evident in you!

Jesus always Invokes a Response

Matthew 2:13-23, Jesus always invokes a response, if not in this life, then, in the life to come, from every person who has ever lived.

Preparing The Way Of The Lord

Matthew 3:1 -12, How do you prepare for the Lord in you and in the lives of others?

Handling Temptations

Matthew 4:1-11, Satan pulls out all of his efforts and abilities in a futile attempt to convince...

Repentance is the Central Pronouncement

Matthew 4:12-17, Repentance is the central pronouncement of ministry!

Becoming Fishers of Men

Matthew 4:18-22, Becoming Fishers of Men! Are you doing that?

Touching Ministry to the People

Matthew 4:23-25, This passage summaries Jesus' training His disciples...

The Christian Manifesto

Matthew 5:1-2, The "Sermon on the Mount" can be referred to as the Christian Manifesto, which contains the core essentials, the foundation of thought and attitude, of the Christian leadership life.

Our Call to Flavor, Light and Preserve

Matthew 5: 13-16, The Christian leaders role in the world is to be influencers of the world! Not to hide from it, or ignore it...

Beware that Anger Kills Ministry!

Matthew 5: 21-26, Because He is a God of holiness and details, He gives us specific issues that are to show root causes of sin and unrighteousness.

Lust is Adultery!

Matthew 5: 27-30, Jesus cuts right to the root, the heart of the problem with most marriages and divorce...

Truth is Divinely Commanded

Matthew 5: 33-37, Do you keep your word as a leader? God requires us to take our word and deeds seriously...

Turning Retribution into Relationships

Matthew 5:38-42, Responding to Evil, Jesus calls us to an entirely different perspective and outlook of life.

Yield ourselves over to Christ

Matthew 5: 43-48, Loving your Enemies, Jesus once again challenges the Pharisees' misunderstanding...

Good Leaders Pray!

Matthew 6: 5-15, Jesus is calling us to seek Him with the emphasis on our sincerity so our public prayers are as genuine as our private ones.

Good Leaders do not Love Money

Matthew 6:19-24, Getting our Hearts Centered On What Is Important...

Why do we Worry?

Matthew 6: 25-34, When we have our hearts centered upon what is really important, our real purposes and plans begin to function correctly, as our perspectives are in line with God's.

We have to be Willing to Look at our Flaws

Matthew 7: 1- 6, Why would you Judge? The best way to cover your own sins and wrongdoings is to attack someone who is good, and righteous, because it will throw the dogs off their tracks, taking the attention off you and placing it elsewhere...

What Foundation do you Have?

Matthew 7: 24-29, Building your Leadership Life on the Rock of the Word!

Relying on God's Power

Matthew 8: 23-27, Storms Cannot Buffet those in Christ!

The Motivation of Faith and Practice

Matthew 9: 35-38, The Compassion of Jesus! This passage is a summary of Jesus' teaching, ministry, and example...

Being Missiological

Matthew 10: 5-15, God calls us as leaders of His Church to carry out His plans and accomplish His mission of reproducing communities of Christ-formed authentic disciples. We do this by equipping our people to know and teach Christ's redemptive reign as missionaries sent by God, to live and proclaim Christ's Kingdom to the world.

Be Wise and Be Aware

Matthew 10: 16-26, The Coming of Persecutions: The Christian life is an impossible task; it is a Way that cannot be fathomed...

Hostility Causing Divisions

Matthew 10: 34-42, Christ brings Division. This passage concludes the training exercise Jesus is giving His disciples.

Proclaiming the God who is Here!

Matthew 11: 20-30, The God Who Judges, the God Who Holds Us! God is a God who gives us grace, comfort, and rest, yet...

Be Aware of Traditions and Assumptions

Matthew 12: 1-8, The religious leaders were looking for another opportunity to put Jesus on the spot to try to prove He was a fake.

A Faith all Mixed up and Backwards?

Matthew 12: 9-21, Hypocrisy in action! Jesus cleverly thwarted the attempt of the religious leaders to prove He was a fake by...

The Unpardonable Sin

Matthew 12: 22-37, A House Divided Cannot Stand! This is one of the most controversial passages in Matthew.

Kingdom Life!

Matthew 13: 44-58, The Value of Christ's Kingdom! In these parables, Jesus explains the value of His Kingdom, and the foolishness of chasing after the things of the world.

Who is this Jesus?

Matthew 14: 1-12, John the Baptist is Martyred as he caused quite a stir in the Herodian household. He cut across his social and cultural status...

The Shepherding Leader

Matthew 14: 13-21, The imagery here is of the Shepherd feeding His sheep!

Sincere Devotion to Christ

Matthew 15: 1-20, Defilement from Hypocrisy. Jesus confronted, head on, the hypocrisy of the religious leaders who...

A Deficiency in Faith?

Matthew 15: 21-39, The disciples continued to show their deficiency in memory and faith.

Real Faith, Truth and Reason

Matthew 16: 1-12, Seeking a Sign? The Pharisees were hounding Jesus for more miracles to prove who He was.

Boldly Proclaim the Faith

Matthew 16: 21-28, Following Him! Peter, who had just boldly proclaimed his faith, quickly forgets it and stumbles to his own will. Do you do this too?

Handling Jubilation to Humiliation

Matthew 17:14-27, From the Mountain to the Valley! From a mount of jubilation to a valley of humiliation is "where we live."

Become Good Examples

Matthew 18:1-14, The Call for Caring. Jesus used the opportunity to call us to take care of the children!

A Stern Warning about Sin

Matthew 18:15-20, The Call to Deal with Sin. Jesus switches the focus from warning about sin to dealing with it.

How often shall we Forgive?

Matthew 18: 21-35, The Problem of Unforgiveness.

An Eternal Perspective

Matthew 19: 13-30, Stripping Ourselves of What Holds Us.

Are you Missing the Point

Matthew 20: 20-34, Real Greatness is in Serving and Following.

Produce the Produce of Fruit!

Matthew 21: 18-32, Jesus' Authority! The fig tree refused to do as it was designed to do-to produce fruit.

How is Christ Received and Treated?

Matthew 21: 33-46, The Parable of the Wicked Tenants, is about rejection.

What do our Actions Show?

Matthew 23: 1-39, Woe to Hypocrites!The Word of God is our authority!

The Upper Room of Leadership

Matthew 26: 47- 75, Arrest and Betrayal: This passage continues the theme of missed opportunities.

Jesus Models Suffering and Injustice

Matthew 27: 1- 26, Jesus is handed over! Jesus was obedient! Jesus suffered on our behalf!

Make Disciples!

Matthew 28: 1- 20, Jesus is Risen! The word "disciple" literally means someone who pledges to be a "learner." Moreover, it is a commitment and a process.

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