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Make the commitment to be a good preacher to His Word!



Every single generation should be able to look to the church of that generation and see an exhibition of a supernaturally restored relationship, not just between the individual and God, though that is first; but between man and man, in the church. - Francis Schaeffer



Do not assume; rather, come to the text without your theological bias even if it is a good one. If your theological bias is good, then what you discover will back it up, help you understand it better, or show you how you need to modify or change for the better. Do not just state the usual perspectives in your teachings, seek the trends of the day, or try to argue your view without careful evaluation of the facts. And, never, ever twist Scripture to fit your ideas or just go by your theological education or lack thereof or even your denominational agendas. This is what false teachers and cultists do! Rather, challenge your thinking by seeking Christ and His facts and honestly examining what God's inerrant Word says, in context and in truth, through the Spirit.



Hermeneutics is about how to prepare sermons, the science and art of Biblical interpretation.
It is a science because it is guided by rules within a system; and it is an art because the application of the rules is by skill, and not by mechanical imitation. Here is a complete guide to how to effectively research and prepare biblical, impacting, true and relevant sermons to your congregation. All the tools you need to know!
Do you read from the Bible or read into the Bible? Do you know the difference?
How is the Bible delved into by your eyes, mind, and church? Do you seek to read into it what you want? Or, do you seek to glean what God actually has for you and the people He has called you to teach and reach? Are the views you have based on hard evidence and careful biblical study? Or, do you just take for granted what a favorite mentor or teacher or theological position has to say?


Those who hear us preach ought to be able to go back to the Scriptures, Berean like (Acts 17:11), tracing the same truth we have brought out from them, and see that what has been preached is not only true in general, but truth drawn from the preaching portion we have used.


Some Valuable NOTES on BIBLICAL PREACHING by the foremost expert on the subject!

Preparing a Sermon with John Stott!

The following is something I put together for myself after reading John Stott's book Between Two Worlds on preaching.

The Important Place of Preaching

A dull preacher is a contradiction; if he is dull he is not a preacher-Bible dullness is impossible.

Preaching Thoughts

Preaching Thoughts for Pastors

Scripture Twisting: What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Activists, repudiating the obvious meaning of Scripture, run the risk of the sin of unbelief.

Preaching: The Importance of 'Churning Your Own Butter'

"Enjoyed your message, pastor," say the many who meet and greet him at the church's door. All the while, the pastor is curiously racking his grey matter to figure out just what they enjoyed. Wonder why? It must be because this sermon really was good. After all, it sounded so good on the Internet that the pastor "borrowed" it so that his congregation could be as blessed by it as he was.

The Difference Between Preaching and Yelling

"Preaching is not people hearing you, it's you hearing from God." Dalton was bewildered at his father's presumption that he could tell him about ministry, and he turned to walk away.


We must seek and pursue Christ first before we show others His Supremacy and Centrality. His Supremacy and Centrality must be rooted in us deeply, and then we can proclaim Him to those in our care to do so too, even with words! For the reason that we can't lead where we have not been before ourselves. This comes down to who we seek and what we place first in our personal and professional life.
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