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Character is the Utmost of Importance for Anyone in or Desiring to be in Church Leadership!

Character is not just something we put into our lives, but it is what comes out of our lives in those hurried times. It is beyond a system of values or virtue we learn from our parents, or even at church. Character is who you are to God Himself and those around you. It is the real you! The church and parents must teach it, but they cannot insure its function. That is the responsibility of our choice, a determination we make ourselves, a stand in stress that we continue to uphold.

With the Christian answer it is now possible to understand that there are true moral absolutes. There is no law behind God, because the furthest thing back is God. The moral absolutes rest upon God's character. The creation as He originally made it conformed to His character. The moral commands He has given to men are an expression of His character. Men as created in His image are to live by choice on the basis of what God is. The standards of morality are determined by what conforms to His character, while those things which do not conform are immoral. Francis A Schaeffer. (The Complete Works)

The pastor must preach it, the leadership sculpt it, the church encourage and model it through the precepts of the Word!

Be conformed to the image of God's Son!

What is Character?

In Church leadership we have a choice to act in evil or goodness; to act with our sinful motives or with what God calls us to, which is far better that we can see in the moment. Let us choose being even better. Who we are will determine what we do. The result will be character. Our growth in Him will make us who we are, which will be the character we present to God and others.

Character Traits

Bible studies themes on the characteristics of a godly person, along with the Galatian Fruit.

Holding onto Character

Character comes from our response to faith is by godly living, and exercising out our faith with trust and obedience, whatever we face! It is not looking at our situation; rather, it is looking to God. God desires and deserves our whole-hearted loyalty, allegiance, trust, obedience, and devotion; so, what is stopping you?

The Importance of Character

Character is fueled by the power of the Spirit empowering us so we can model the character of Christ! The demands for people of character are more needed then ever before.

Whatever happened to Virtue?

Virtue is not something we do occasionally. Virtue is not meant for only one certain place such as church. It is not supposed to be put on hold when it inconveniences us or another such as at our work.
Biblical curriculums to help us in knowing and developing Character

These can be used as personal devotionals, leadership training, small group studies, Bible studies, Christian education, or sermon helps.

Will produce honor, truth, and reliability.

The Character of Discipline

Allows us to be corrected by God.

The Character of Obedience

Is submitting to what God requires of us.

The Character of Gratitude

Is an aspect of worship, expressing to God.

The Character of Responsibility

Means to know and do what God expects.

The Character of Righteousness

Is defined as conformity to God's Law.

The Character of Listening

Means to pay attention and close our mouths.

The Character of Childlike Faith

Is the wonder and awe at what Christ has and did for us.

The Character of Purpose

Means knowing who we are in Christ.

The Character of Teachability

Being a learner and to pass it on.

The Character of Devotion

Means knowing who we are in Christ.

The Character of Godliness

The act of being pious and living a good.

The Character of Discernment

To give wise judgment in decisions.

The Character of Communication

Is being willing to convey our honest thoughts.

The Character of Tolerance

Is the recognizing and respecting of others.

Character of Patriotism

Is defined as the loyalty and honor of one's nationality.

The Character of Citizenship

Is our social conscientiousness in action.

The Character of Failure

Exhibits an attitude to learn from ones setbacks.

The Character of Success

The pursuit of the maximum utilization of our gifts, abilities, and talents.

The Character of Forgiving

The realization of how much we have been forgiven by Christ.

The Character of Humility

Minimizes arrogance and removes pride.

The Character of Fairness

Sees a situation from the viewpoint of each person involved.

The Character of Courage

Realizes that God has given us the strength

The Character of Friendship

Is the companionship and closeness we are to have with one another.

The Character of Honesty

Means being straight and doing what is right.

The Character of Dependability

Is being constantly reliable and trustworthy.

The Character of Contentment

Is the attitude of accepting whatever God provides.

The Character of Generosity

Allows us to give to others because God has given abundantly to us.

The Character of Purity

Means being set apart for God's use.

The Character of Confidence

Enables us to rely on the Lord for all things in our life.

The Character of Encouragement

Will lift, support, and help others through difficult circumstances.

The Character of Availability

Is being willing to adjust our own schedule and agenda.

The Character of Attentiveness

Will recognize the value of other people.

The Character of Wisdom

Truly desires the knowledge of God's Word.

The Character of Compassion

Will allow us to feel the pain and plight of others.

The Character of Enthusiasm

Will enable us to overcome disappointments.

The Character of Initiative

Will help power us though setbacks.

The Character of Diligence

Allows us to operate with our best for His highest.

The Character of Thoughtfulness

Considers others and gives attention.

The Character of Efficiency

Means being well organized and competent.

The Character of Discretion

Keeps our minds and focus on sound judgment.

The Character of Optimism

Is a heartfelt confidence that everything will come out for the best.

The Character of Reverence

Is the true response that leads to worship.

The Character of Honor

Means being polite and courteous.

The Character of Determination

Is the ability to make difficult decisions.

The Character of Hospitality

Is a willingness to share what God has given us.

The Character of Loyalty

Is developing allegiance and respect.

The Character of Servant Leadership

Is exercising real, godly leadership.

The Character of Cautiousness

Is being discerning so we do not rush into things.

The Character of Boldness

Is our willingness to venture out and do the right thing.

The Character of Flexibility

Is being open to the plans and ideas of others.

The Character of Punctuality

Respects the time of others.

The Character of Anger

Anger can be a solution or a real problem.

The Character of Virtue

Is the application of being good.

The Character of Persuasiveness

Advocates God's Word to others.

The Character of Appreciation

Is having admiration for others.

Real, authentic Christian character is formed when you surrender to Christ and allow His piercing work to grow and enrich you, so that the Spirit flows.

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