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Missions Leadership

Missions is Basically Jesus Calling us to Others

This is clearly stated in Matthew 4:18, where the veracity of the mission of who we are and what we are called to do is summarized in a couple of sentences. Jesus is the Voice, He is the Power, He is the Reason, and we are the receptors to Him; then, comes the physical declaration of His Message. The question is not do we hear the call, for I believe we all do as Christians; rather, it is whether we will obey and follow Him. You may not be called to missions as to an outside culture, but you are called as a Christian to show His Message by your life-and if necessary, use words too.
Is Jesus calling you to others? We are not only called just to know Him, but also to make Him known to others. It is a simple mission; we allow Jesus to use us to be fishers of men. This means we willingly use our new life in Him to benefit and share with others.
What we do
FASICLD does the research and ITW does the leg work and trains pastors and provides research and resources for discipleship and leadership training.
We specialize in developing in-depth, inductive-based Bible resources that are carefully researched. One of the primary purposes and call of Into Thy Word Ministries is to research, develop, and provide Pastoral Training Curriculum! We have been training pastors and missionaries overseas since 1988 and we would like to provide you what you need too.
What you can do
Do you fear growing in the faith? Fear missions and witnessing? Take comfort, our confidence from who Christ is and what He did for us leads to our boldness! Being bold means we are willing to take our faith, venture out with it, and do the right thing at the right time, regardless...
Now, perhaps you are wondering how can I become more obedient and faithful when I just cannot see the road ahead? Perhaps, you have tried hard in our motivations or support development or your service on the mission field and feel frustrated?
Does fear still have a hold on you? Are you so busy looking for opportunities you cannot see anything else? In Matthew 10: 27-33, after Jesus gave the disciples their training and their project of being sent out for the first time on their mission, He further encouraged and warned...
Jesus is the quintessential model of faith and our practice of missions that we are to follow. We do not have a Lord who sits aloof in Heaven, with no firsthand idea or comprehension of what it means to be a human or to serve out in the field.
Signs and wonders refers to the miracles produced by the Holy Spirit through the apostles, especially Paul, as a testimony to God's power and glory. We can see them portrayed in many places in Scripture...
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As a mission, Into Thy Word trains pastors overseas, provides research and resources for discipleship and leadership training. We bring pastors, church leaders, church planters, seminaries and Bible schools biblical curriculums, research, encouragement and sometimes personnel.
One of our primary purposes and call is to research, develop and provide Pastoral Training Curriculum! We have been training pastors and missionaries overseas since 1988 and we would like to provide you what you need too.

We have produced over 1,000 unique Bible curriculums that are used by thousands of people all around the world.

What and Where: We have over 200 full time pastor trainers in 20 countries who use our materials to teach in Bible schools, and pastor training operations. We also have over 2,500 part time people in 80 countries who are "associates." They sign up to use our materials and then train others.

Our media: printed media, audio, radio, video, and our preferred means is downloadable and printable Internet resources.

What Makes Us Unique? We at Into Thy Word are not a conventional Missions organization. We do not send or mobilize; rather we Equip those who do. It is our call and mandate to be a "paraclet" which means to come along side. We also raise up and train indigenous staff. We found this far more effective than sending an "Anglo" who spends years learning the culture, language and getting settled. Thus, we provide with you the discipleship tools, leadership development and the resources that pastors and church planters need to help build their congregations and grow further in the faith. We have been engaged in this call to outfit pastors and churches all over the world since 1988.

What we need
We need financial endowment, support, prayers and workers for His Kingdom!

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We need translators! Would you, or do you know someone who would like to translate our materials? Please let us know! Soon many of our materials will be available in Chinese, Spanish and other languages too. Currently, our greatest need is Korean, Russian and African Languages!

We need associates: Would you like to become one of our "associates?" If so, please see our About channel, look over and agree with our statement of faith and then register on this website then contact us and we will let you know from there. Most of our associates use our materials to train others.

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement...

We provide churches around the world with the most effective tools and the most effectual means possible to better understand and apply God's Word to their life, Church and community.

What is a paraclet? It is Greek, Parakletos, meaning one who consoles, or a comforter or advocate from John 14:16, 26, 15:26, 16:7. It refers to the Holy Spirit who comes along to us, as He is our comforter. We see this as a role model for us to act. There are many great mission organizations out there doing the work of our Lord. But many of them do not have the research facilities, personalize and resources that we do. So we offer ourselves, our training, experiences to bring other missions what they need in leadership development resources and church research.

We see from the Bible that Theology rises out of wonder and awe of God. Theology is who God is and what He wants us to know about Him. We can't just study about God, without being studied by God. This occurs when we have a deep growing and living relationship with Christ as LORD. One can study about God, but we also need to apply Him into our personal lives and our church too! It is our call at Into Thy Word to do just that!

Our Websites include Insightful, Relevant and Comprehensive Articles, Studies, Research, Curriculums, Forums, Chats, Stats, and over 1,000 Resources that are Biblical and Relevant for you to effectively and effectually Shepherd your Flock for Christ's Glory.

Many want to lead a church but many do not want to be impacted by God. It is our call to point the church back to Him!

Many Nations, One LORD and Savior!
We are committed to provide you with high quality materials for you mission endeavors!

A Francis Schaeffer Vision!

You can partner with us on this much needed mission! We need your prayers, support and involvement...

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