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Relationship Research


In the late 1970's, Francis Schaeffer was a witness to an escalating church fight...
...that happened in my first pastoral position, one which resulted in a schism that once started, kept building up until he was called home in 1984, then the church split. Through this process he personally talked and listened to the parties involved and gave lectures at this church. As he mentored me through this tenuous situation, he shared many insights from his personal, pastoral experiences with me as well as gave me encouragement. He was deeply fascinated with how and why all this happened, and his interest eventually launched this long-term research project.

…Because of the Fall we all became abnormal and dysfunctional. It is not just that us as individuals are separated from God by our true moral guilt, but each of us is not what God intended to make or us to be, what He wanted us to be more of Him and less of ourselves. Beyond each of us as individuals, human relationships is sin and pride, desires that feed upon ours and others sin and desires, all of which is not what God meant us to be or behave as His Fruitful Bride. In our interpersonal dealings we have to be aware of our sin nature, we are abnormal, our wholeality, our cause and effect is from sin and the choices we make, even the entirety of history shows us this as significant, as we are now abnormal. To say it another way: there is much more which we should be and not be as a Fruitful Bride of Christ… How do you display this? - Francis A. Schaeffer

How and why churches breakdown, the Synopsis of the Research and insights from Schaeffer himself.
Research Findings about Church Relationship Breakdowns!
The wiliness and ability to build effective relationships is paramount in the long-term success and health of any given church.
Why People in Church Fight? Part II Defensiveness, Criticalness, Contemptuous and Withdraw!
Why People in Church Fight? Part III Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall...
Why People in Church Fight? Part IV Do you feel you have to be right to speak your mind, even when you do not have all the facts?
Why People in Church Fight? Part V If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself. Each one should test his own actions...
Why People in Church Fight? Part VI We can grow beyond our natural tendency to put others down by focusing on what Christ did for us and...
More Articles Distilled from our Recent Research
Leading your heart-not letting your heart lead you!
What I sought to do was lay out from God's Word and some of my experiences and research what we can do to put the happiness, fun, and joy back into our marriages. We will explore the concepts of love and seek to apply practical and biblical means to improve ourselves and our families.

The Unwillingness to Forgive One Another

If you want to be successful as a church you must be willing and able to Forgive. And… real forgiveness takes us beyond our hurts!


Focusing on Our Own Will and Desires over the Mission of the Church

The best way to destroy what God desires is to trade in His purpose for our purpose, or to push aside the truths of Scriptures and what a church is, and replace it with our own trends, whims, and reasoning.


Pastor and Elders refusing to adhere to the purpose of the Church

It amazes me how quickly we Christians get caught up with programs, new ideas, and putting out the fires of personal conflict, spinning our wheels but never giving full attention to what we are all about.

Based on thirty years of research, practice and careful biblical findings,

The Field Guide to Healthy Relationships
Discovering and Applying Biblical Precepts to the Building of Lasting, Quality Relationships, Including Marriage and How to Find the Person Who Is Right for You!

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