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Bible Relevance

As church leaders we must be people who remove the objections, and study and then teach the Bible with power, compassion, conviction and authority all in love and in Truth!

God's Word will never pass away, but looking back to the Old Testament and since the time of Christ, with tears we must say that because of lack of fortitude and faithfulness on the part of God's people, God's Word has many times been allowed to be bent, to conform to the surrounding, passing, changing culture of that moment rather than to stand as the inerrant Word of God judging the form of the world spirit and the surrounding culture of that moment. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may our children and grandchildren not say that such can be said about us. Francis A. Schaeffer, (The Great Evangelical Disaster)
We have to be willing and able to build the bridges to from God's Word to people, to create the right common ground, so people can get more out of what is in the Bible. We also need to look at how we can avoid the counterfeit teachings and self-grandstanding that takes places in a lot of our churches and airwaves. We have to know the real One and avoid the distractions. We have to end the apathy, arrogance, confusion and falsehoods coming out of the church and keep the focus on the message of preaching Christ crucified. And we are to do this because Church is about Christ not us! All this is centered on the crucial point why we study the Bible. And that 'WHY' is because we need to study the Bible to bring our mindsets in line with His truth. We cannot do that when we refuse to yield ourselves to our Lord. We cannot do that when pride and arrogance are piloting our local church helm, or apathy running the bridge of leadership. And when we do get what we are supposed to do, we are then able to yield ourselves to His precepts. And when we are giving Him glory we are fulfilling our call and dispensing the primary fruit from studying the Bible.
Insights and applications to know and then teach your congregation how to read, enjoy and study the Bible! This curriculum is researched from Scripture and over thirty years of effective practice, giving you the basics of an Inductive Bible Study.

How to Build Bible Literacy in your Church

Face Time with God!

How to be a Capable Bible Student! There is no substitute to time spent in the face of our Lord!

The Book of the Ages

Understanding the impact of the Bible on history and its relevance for our lives!

The Authority of the Bible

Why should we listen to a Book? Why is the Bible to be our authority for faith and practice—for life?

Why should we study the Bible?

Many pastors are going into their pulpits ignorant, either not knowing the tools or how to use those tools. This is why a lot of pastors are not leading Bible studies in our churches, and why so few churches even have a Bible study.

The Importance of Bible Study

The Bible is not just about a list of dos and don'ts, but a love letter that lets us know what is best. We must be people who remove the objections, and study the Bible. We have to be willing and able to build the bridges to create the right common ground, so people can get more out of what is in the Bible.

Knowing the Bible Better

This method is for new Christians to learn how to start out with to veteran Bible Teachers who want to be refreshed. This is an excellent tool to teach others how to learn the Bible.

Tools to help you know His Word and use to teach the Bible

The Main Goal of Bible Study

Some Christians have no problems with interpretation, it is the application and obedience that they have trouble with.

Are you Transformed by the Word?

We can master the entire Bible and even be totally transformed by the Word, but, if nothing comes from it, it is meaningless and nearly worthless.

How to Memorize Scripture - Part I

Nothing in our Christian lives is as important or compares to the value of learning God's Word and then incorporating His precepts into our lives. Thus, memorizing a passage of Scripture is an essential way not only to know His Word, but to know and grow in our Lord and Savior. Yet, many Christians have neglected, even negated this discipline, including me on occasions.

How to Memorize Scripture - Part II

Have an honest desire to know Him more fully and with a good attitude based on growing in Christ rather than seeking just what you want.

Order the book, Into Thy Word with a 15-week curriculum!

This book is about helping you understand the Bible and enabling you to teach others how to study the Bible in a simple, clear, and concise way. We have included in our Book a 15-week curriculum specifically designed for High School Youth.

Men today do not, perhaps, burn the Bible, nor does the Roman Catholic Church any longer put it on the Index, as it once did. But men destroy it in the form of exegesis: they destroy it in the way they deal with it. They destroy it by not reading it as written in normal, literary form, by ignoring its historical-grammatical exegesis, by changing the Bible's own perspective of itself as propositional revelation in space and time, in history.... Francis Schaeffer, (1969)

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