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Youth Ministry Lessons

Do not forget the most important call and need of Youth Ministry, disciple your youth! This is what Christ told us to do!
Six-Plus Youth Lessons on "Making Wise Choices!" How can I make better decisions and beware of deceptions and misleading choices? God calls us to make wise choices, so what will you do about it? Including a handout to give your students…
The Ultimate Destroyer! Five Lessons on Gossip, which will cause "Massive Destruction" to you and your youth group! Also, a Youth Pastors Study, that can also be tuned into a "talk."
Gossip tantalizes our fallen and sinful nature. We love to listen to it...
Gossip has three breeds to it, or three different levels. Separating these three levels can be as hard as separating the chocolate chips out of the cookie.
Do you have this Disease? Warning, it is very, very contagious…you may need to be quarantined…
Are you a Bully with words? The word of God is clear; gossip will corrupt the whole person! And the impact we should feel from these verses should bring us down to our knees.
So, what can I do to guard against Gossip? The question is who has control of your tongue? Whose direction are the words and actions that come from your mouth aimed to?
The word translated "holy" in the Old Testament means, "separated" or "cut apart." God is holy in that He is absolutely separate from everything He has created. He is...
Are you secure in your life? If so, where is your trust placed? Here is a helpful talk curriculum to teach youth to focus on Christ with lots of examples and Scripture.
A handy reference list of emergency phone numbers when you are in trouble spiritually…
DANGER: Any human units not receiving this recall action will have to be scrapped in the furnace. The S.I.N. defect must not enter heaven or else heaven will be infected.
Have you ever wondered that God wants you unhappy and even miserable? That He wants to kill your joy and fun? Well let's find out if that is true….
More comming!
For more see our our Character and James Bible study series on our sister site,, these were first developed for youth in the early 80s' and both have been totally revamped. These are great materials (Three + years of Youth Ministry curriculums!) to use for talks, small groups, and youth lessons:
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